Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Bippy!

Today is Bippy's birthday!
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Bippy, happy birthday to you!
We love you!! A whole lot!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Monday, Monday

While Macy was at school, Lucy and I had a quiet day at home. Well, as quiet as it could be with me coughing my head off. If anybody has a home remedy for coughing, please share...cough medincines aren't working AT ALL!! We put together this lifesize princess puzzle that Bippy had given Lucy for her birthday.
We have been enjoying a new little devotion book at bedtime. Uncle Brian, Aunt Jennifer, and Avery gave this book to Lucy for her birthday...it is a great book with great stories and a c.d. with songs that go along with each story.
Hope your week got off to a great start!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Bippy's Home!

Macy and Lucy were all smiles this morning! Why? Bippy made the looooong 13 hour drive home from Lubbock, TX yesterday. And the best part? She's not going back! Whoo-hoo!! The deal she was working on in Texas was finally closed, therefore the company she works for is transferring her to Baton Rouge, LA...a whole 8 hours closer to us! Yay! I see some weekend road trips in our future for sure!
We celebrated Bippy's birthday tonight at my parents' house with the whole family. Her birthday is Tuesday, but she is going to Savannah to spend a few days with Paula Deen, so she won't be here on her actual birthday.
Everybody was so excited for her to be home!
The kids made "sushi" for her (Bippy loves the stuff).
This was fun sushi...cut up twinkies, fruit roll-ups, and candies for the stuff in the middle (sorry, I am not a fan of sushi, so I don't know all the technical terms for the stuff). I do know that stuff on the right is supposed to look like ginger, and the green stuff on the left is green-tinted icing that is supposed to look like wasabi. Now, I did eat this sushi...it was yummy!
Bippy got Lucy a cute little puppy dog cupcake cake since she wasn't here for her birthday. Lucy thought it was just fabulous...you ought to see her tongue after eating all that purple icing :)
We had a great weekend...hope you did too!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Grandparents' Day at HA

Today was Grandparents' Day at school. There was a sweet little program, then the kids took their grandparents to their rooms to meet their teachers and show them around. Macy had a little speaking part in the program :) It worked out so nicely because Macy and Carson were in the same program...you can see him in this picture watching her as she was about to say her part (little blonde boy on the third row).Nana and Gran...
JisJis and Pepe...
It was a fun day!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Haircuts and Steroids Equal Productivity

Because of a haircut, I have one extremely happy, delighted, exhuberant little girl.Can ya'll believe I let my baby do this?? I mean, it is not like she did it herself or anything...it was done by a sweet "hair lady" as Lucy calls her (Amanda at the Bink in West Point...we love her!). We all 3 needed haircuts pretty badly (Macy and Lucy needed haircuts, and I needed an ever-so-slight trim, as I have FINALLY grown out my UNINTENDED "Kate" haircut...I will NEVER get my hair cut in a mall ever again...but I digress...different story for a different day). Lucy has been saying she wanted short hair like Macy's, and she has been very persistent. So, we decided to cut it...and I don't think she could be cuter!!

Who is who? It is amazing how much Lucy's hair makes her look so much MORE like Macy. That's Macy on the left and Lucy on the right.

See? I told you she was super happy over her hair. She has been like this since she got it. Every time she walks by a mirror, she smiles really big, gives her "new" hair a little shake, and mouths to herself "I llllllllove it."

Now you want to see something really funn? Lucy in Macy's glasses...even I can hardly tell if this is really Lucy (or is it Macy??)!

I woke up this morning still suffering terribly from the crud. I used to refuse to go to the doctor, but these days, I just don't have time to be sick...so while Lucy was with my parents this morning at Mother Goose, I went to the clinic. No flu or strep (thank goodness!), just a bad case of sinusitis (I think that is what you call a sinus infection) and laryngitis. Got me a steroid shot (sinus cocktail as the doctor called it) and a prescription for cough medicine with codeine. This steroid shot has been good...very, very good...I've done more laundry today than I have done in 2 weeks, decorated 9 1/2 dozen cookies,

and boxed up 9 1/2 dozen cookies ready for pickup tomorrow,

plus running here, there, and everywhere. Can I have one of these once a week?

I was in high hopes that this cough medicine was really going to be the good stuff, but it is also an expectorant, which I just really don't get...it is supposed to make you not cough, but it makes you cough? Oh well...we'll see how it helps me sleep...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That...

Check out the August (yes, I am a little late posting this) issue of serious.life magazine at http://www.seriouslifemagazine.com/ Click on the link above (not the picture). When the cover shows up, click the "next" button 2 times, and you might see this hilarious picture in the featured photographs section (you can click on the picture to enlarge it and see our blog info)...
I love this girl...and this picture makes me smile everytime I look at it :)
Macy was out of school on Monday, so we took advantage of the day off and went to our pediatrician's office in Tupelo to get the flu mist. You may be for or against flu vaccinations...we all have our personal opinions on it...but I do get it for my children. I was frantically rubbing them down with Purell every 30 seconds while at the doctor's office...trying to avoid contracting the swine flu while we were there. The day went quite nicely, especially since we got to eat at Chik-Fil-A. Do you know how much I love that place? Jason and I ate there on our wedding night (in the mall at the food court)...how romantic is that? Oh well, that's Jason and me for you (and I wouldn't have it any other way!). And Lucy was so all about letting me stand her in the bushes to get her picture beside the sign until I realized I was holding up traffic...sorry!
This is how Lucy has been playing inside. With an umbrella over her head. No, we don't have a leaky roof, it's just been raining now for 12 days straight, and I think she is getting bored.
And the crud has arrived...I've got it bad. I can hardly talk. I think Jason and the girls are enjoying it immensely :)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Raining Barbies

This is about all we've been up to...it has been raining for like 9 days straight now. I am not complaining...ya'll know I love me some rainy days. So, I am personally loving the weather. But a couple of sunshiney days wouldn't be so bad :) These mosquitoes are killing us!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rhino the Hamster

Lucy named her beloved hamster "Rhino" (she loves the movie "Bolt").
Rhino has special privileges.
Like sitting on the compter watching DVDs with Lucy.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

God Is So Good

God is so good,God is so good,
God is so good,
He's so good to me.
This is what we saw out our front door after so much rain on Tuesday. It was truly awesome! The longer we watched it, the brighter it became.
God is so good...lots of our prayers have been answered this week!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Lucy's Birthday Party

How adorable is this invitation? Seriously...it is the cutest thing I think I have seen on paper. We had this whole ladybug birthday party planned...until Blair Curtis e-mailed me Mary Bishop's owl invitation (made by Jenny Holloway) to match some cookies with. Lucy happened to be in my lap when I got Blair's e-mail (like only 2 weeks before Lucy's "ladybug" party was supposed to be). She saw Mary Bishop's owl invitation, and said "I want THAT party, Mommy." How could I disappoint? Jenny Holloway was so sweet and adorable to work with...click on her button on my sidebar and check out her stuff!
So...on to the party...the people at Dwayne Hayes ASSURED me that a little rain would NOT affect turning on the sprayground (as long as there was no thunder and lightning). Great news, seeing that rain was in the forecast for like the next 2 weeks. Well, when we arrived at the park, I was informed (by a different set of park attendants) that the sprayground could not be turned on in the rain. Seriously...it was sprinkling so lightly that you didn't even need an umbrella...just that misty rain stuff. They refused to turn it on. We were a little ticked at first, but all was perfectly fine. Due to this water spicket right beside the pavilion, the kids never missed the sprayground...
I don't even think they realized they were supposed to be on the sprayground. The kids had a blast... and some sweet friendships were made :)
Here is the birthday girl...
Here are her cookies made by the Cookie Mama, of course...
and here is her absolutely ADORABLE birthday cake (I would give you her name and the link to her blog, but right now, she is not taking any new orders...let me know when you decide to, Casey...I have bunches of people to send your way!)...
(Jenny Holloway's art turned edible) :)
Lucy did not really enjoy her first couple of birthday parties...she was a funny little one and did not enjoy lots of people being around and singing to her. Well, times have changed...she is ALL about some attention these days!
Here is Lucy with her whopping piece of cake...she wanted the whole owl herself :)
Sweet baby Cade (wearing his cute bib that JisJis made him just for the party) even had an owl shirt on for the party...his Mommy and I have such similar tastes.
Pepe even matched the party in his pink and turquoise plaid shirt.
Here is Lucy opening all of her presents...

Here are Pepe and JisJis with the birthday girl...
and Macy with them, too...
Amy and Bessie-Boo...
and the birthday girl with Gran and Nana...
Lucy and Loren...
Aunt Leslie with Brent, I mean, Cade (he looks just like his Daddy!)...
The Willcutt grandkids (minus Tatum)...
The Hollis grandkids...
There were so many at the party that I didn't get pictures of! I always have the greatest intentions of getting so many pictures, but you know how it is when you get so busy with the party...her party was a blast!! Thank you to all of our friends and family who were there and made it such a special day!! We love you all so much!!