Monday, June 14, 2010

Crafting Crosses

I don't have any pictures of Macy and Lucy today (sorry!)...but I do have some pictures of some crosses that I made. I mean, Jason made...I painted =)I had the most wonderful, precious helpers during VBS last week. There is no way I could have managed all those 4 and 5 year olds by myself...although they were wonderful and precious as well...I just needed some extra hands! I decided to make my sweet helpers some crosses to show my appreciation. This idea is totally NOT my own. Remember my cross that I purchases at Market Street last month? I bought it from 2 really cute girls who called their business "Sassy Sisters." They live about an hour down the road from me. I love, love, love my cross and decided to recreate it...o.k....downright copy it.
J used some pieces of cedar wood (any wood would work) and cut a longer piece and a shorter piece for the cross.
He just used heavy duty glue to attach the pieces (the glue is in the garage, and I am being too lazy to get up to go see what kind of glue it is...but Jason got it at our local hardward store).
Then he cut me out some hearts out of roofing shingles that we just happened to have laying around (I am the daughter and sister to roofers). I don't expect everybody has shingles just laying around, but you can purchase or get crafty and come up with your own "thing" in the middle (my sister-in-law did some precious ones with coke cans shredded like flowers...if she was a blogger, you could see them...hee hee).
I painted the cross and the shingle hearts, let them dry, then attached the heart to the cross with hot glue.
J had me a hole drilled in the top before I painted. So once finished, I took some ribbon, ran it through the hole, and made a knot for hanging.

When I was finished, I told Jason that this was the easiest craft I had ever done. He said, "Wonder why?? I did all the work!" And he is right, I will have to admit =)
Of course, I had to make one for myself. I hung it on an old window that I have in the hallway to the girls' bedrooms and bathroom.
Such a fun craft...the possibilities are endless!!


Mel Tales said...

LOVE them all! SOOOOO cute! I will be making me one! :o) Great job!!! Tell J that couple projects are the best! :o) I love when Wade helps me with some of my crafts!

vixen Made said...

I love these!! I actually featured them in my Easter craft round up. They work perfectly! Thanks!!