Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I Got Breakfast in Bed Today!

My girls woke me up this morning with breakfast in bed. It was so totally unexpected...I nearly cried! They brought me frosted flakes, milk, and the sweetest little note. And what was so precious...they used a 9 x 13 glass pyrex dish as a tray. I have used these before as trays for them when they are sick and I take soup to them on the couch...but I never would have thought they noticed.

Moments like these are ones I will treasure forever. Macy and Lucy are at ages where they might be fighting like cats and dogs one minute, but then are best friends the next. I know it was the same way with my little sister once upon a time. They have really been so good and well behaved this summer (I know, it has only been 2 weeks!), and I just love watching their relationship grow deeper since they now have more time to spend together.

I got closet 3 out of 3 cleaned out today. Yay! It was the master closet, and I knew it would be the toughest. I just decided as soon as I got out of bed this morning that today was the day. It took me basically all day long...but now that it is done, it is so worth it!! I went through clothes that needed to be culled...I ended up with 2 huge boxes and 2 garbage bags full of trash and about 6 garbage bags full of things to donate to a local charity. It felt SO good to do it and it feels SO good knowing it is done! Now all our main closets are finished...on to summer for me *Ü*

I did take a couple of "after" pictures...I was not about to take any "before" pictures...or at least any to show. My closet was HORRIBLE! I would be ashamed for anybody to see the shape it was in. I told Jason I think we still have way too much stuff, but it is organized and neat and tidy, so I am okay with it.

This is so totally random, but one of my favorite things to eat in the summer is tomato sandwiches. We have a local tomato man that sells the best greenhouse tomatoes...they are so delicious. The thing is, though, people from all over come to buy them, so they sell out really quick. I ran to the grocery store this evening and drove by the tomato place just in case I could get lucky...and I did. This is my bag minus a few Lucy and me ate for supper.

This week is going to go by fast after having a holiday yesterday. Tomorrow is already Wednesday! And it will also be June 1st!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Enjoying a Long Weekend

I had some teeny sunglasses left from an order I finished up today...my girls are always willing to (have fun with) eat the extra cookies. You'd think they would get a little tired of them, wouldn't you?

We decided to spend the night last night at my parents' camphouse to celebrate Macy's birthday one more time. Again, she requested a Cookie Mama big sugar cookie...same design as Saturday night's...only this time she wanted her name written in turquoise. I love making these. They are so fun!
We had another birthday party...we have partied literally all weekend long!
Macy got some MOGO flip-flops...they will go with her bracelet and charms that Olivia gave her.

And she got a Nook. She is SO excited about this. Macy is a bookworm...she LOVES to read. In fact, one of the first things she said when she saw her trampoline was "I can sit on it and read." Totally serious. I have no idea how these Nook things work...I am still an old-timey book reader (as well as an old-timey check writer...oh yes, I am the girl that holds up the line writing out my little paper check. But I digress...). Perhaps I will learn how to use her Nook...that is if she will share it with me!

Lucy was, again, very particular about Macy's candle...we had to use the number 9 for this party...

Today, we enjoyed a leisurely day. I love long weekends when Jason doesn't have to go to work, and we can just enjoy doing not much of anything. We spent most of the day at the camphouse. Macy aka Annie Oakley had a blast doing some target shooting with her own .22 shells.

She and this fellow are some mighty sharp shooters...

I entertained the little ones while the bigger ones were having balloon-shooting contests.

Little Miss Priss was FULL of herself. I cannot remember exactly what she was saying when Jason snapped this picture, but I do remember nearly falling out of my chair from laughing.

Oh, how this little girl cracks me up. I am definitely paying for my raising with her! There is never a dull moment!

She took FULL advantage of wearing these earphones...acted like she couldn't hear a single word I said.

She is a hot mess, I tell you!

And speaking of a hot mess...

Olivia, these are for you! And the reason why she looks like a football player in these next two pictures is because she was being a goofball and would stick her arms straight out for whatever reason when I would take her picture...

While we had a leisurely day of eating LOTS of watermelon...

And swimming...

And finding turkey eggs (not to worry, this was not taken from a nest...it was an abandoned egg found in a wide open field)...

I could not help thinking all day long about the reason for the holiday we had to day. Memorial Day is a day where we remember the fallen...those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom...so that we might go about living our comfortable lives. There are families who are missing fathers, mothers, sons, and daughters all because of their efforts to protect our country. It is these soldiers who deserve the utmost respect and to these families who we owe a "thank you" for sending their loved ones into the battlefields. May we never forget the fallen, as well as those who are surviving life without them.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Happy Birthday, Macy!




Happy birthday, sweet girl!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

PaRtY ALL WeEkEnD LoNg!!


Friday started a weekend of partying! The Willcutt family has a string of birthdays all right in a row...Uncle Brian on the 27th, Gran on the 28th, and Macy on the 29th...so we have been celebrating all weekend long!

Uncle Brian's big 40th birthday was Friday...Jennifer planned a big surprise party for him at Anthony's in West Point...yum!

We all pulled it off so good...he was VERY surprised!!

Macy got a special delivery...flowers and a balloon from Bippy for her birthday!

This morning, the girls and I ran a few errands. I never run errands on Saturdays. I had saved a few to run today, because Jason was putting together a special surprise for Macy's birthday present...

A TRAMPOLINE!!!! The girls were SO excited!!!!

Since today was Gran's birthday and tomorrow is Macy's, we decided to have a Willcutt birthday party at Ashley's tonight. Macy and Lucy were so excited to be going swimming. I had to snap some pictures of Macy in front of her (slightly obnoxious, I know) cupcakes hanging on the front doors...

Macy requested a Cookie Mama sugar cookie cake for the party...

Gran and all the grandkids (minus Tatum)...
The birthday boy and girl...

Nana always throws pretty parties...

Lucy was very particular about Macy's candles...

Macy got fun gifts and money too *Ü*

This girl was partied out...
And this one...

Not so much. She is determined to stay up until midnight (only a few more minutes!)...when it is OFFICIALLY her birthday!