Saturday, April 21, 2012

Saturday Stuff

When I was downloading pictures from today, I had to laugh at this one Jason took last night.  It's a no wonder I felt a little achy when I woke up this morning...
 We have had a drastic change in was so cold today.  We stayed inside for the most part, but I did go out to take a picture of my daylilies that are starting to bloom... 
 My girls in their hats...

 I have carried the same turquoise purse for years.  I love this purse.  A few weeks ago, one of the tabs around the handle popped off.  I love this purse so much that I was going to hotglue it back on and keep using it. 
Instead of breaking out the hotglue gun, I decided maybe it was time to get a new purse. I don't do purse shopping well.  I took Lucy with me and we snapped pictures of me with different purses on my shoulder and sent them to Jason so he could help me decide which one looked best.  I even got the lady working in the purse department in on the decision making.  (Funny thing is...she commented on my turquoise purse and how I must have had it forever because she remembered those from YEARS ago!)  Weird, I know, that I get so uptight about a purse!  I am just real funny about change!
I ended up going with a bright orange purse...
 When I was changing out my purses tonight, I thought about Jade's post about what she carried in her bag.  I thought I would share what is in mine. 
 *green brush
*purse size daily planner that my friend Sara Whitten gave me
*hot pink sharpie
*2 black pens
*2 tubes of hand lotion
*my wallet (with a Wal-Mart receipt hanging out of it)
*a dumdum sucker
*Lucy's height and weight sticker from her checkup nearly a year ago
*personalized sticky notepad
*packet of tissues
*my makeup bag
*baby wipes
*Orbit "sweet mint" gum...LOTS of it!
*wiggly eyes (???)
*hand sanitizer
*contact solution
 In other news, little sister has been playing with a dangling tooth all day long...
It finally fell out tonight!
Better get to bed so the tooth fairy can come!

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Courtney said...

We have totally different purse personlaities! I was just thinking this morning that I need to change my purse because I have carried it for two weeks. I am constantly changing purses and buying new ones. I love that you carry wiggly eyes, because you never know when a craft will be missing its eye.